Duct Cleaning

  • Breathe Clean Air inside your home!!
  • Eliminate Dust
  • Fire Safety

As with all gas appliances, your ducted heater requires regular servicing to ensure efficient operation and safety. It is also important to make sure the ducts from your heater into your home are clean and unblocked.

Let us clean your ducted heating ducts with our unique Brush Vac system which is designed to thoroughly clean and vacuum the inside of each duct wall as it rotates  all the way in and out of each duct.

We guarantee that our system will not damage any of your duct work

It is important to have clean ducts as dust inside duct work can transfer electrical faults through ducts into your home.

Ducted heating units should also be cleaned as motor can get build up of dust and cause combustion which can spread through ducts into your home

Our Duct Cleaning is carried out by a qualified Gas Technician who can also service your unit and attend to any problems you may have with your gas appliances.


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