BBQ Safety – How to look before you cook!

Energy Safe Victoria recommend taking a few seconds to check your gas cylinder and connections for leaks as follows and ensuring your barbeque has adequate ventilation will help keep your family safe:

  • Use a bottle or brush to coat the gas connections and hoses with soapy water. You should pay special attention to the left hand thread connection between the gas cylinder and the appliance. It is the most common cause of gas leaks. Make sure it is tight enough and in good condition.
  • If bubbles start forming, there is a leak.
  • Turn off the gas at the cylinder.
  • Disconnect the left hand thread connection and check the faces are clean. Leaks occur due to damaged or missing O rings or rubber bull nosing, or where connections are not correctly tightened.
  • Always take care when reconnecting. Turn the gas back ;on and test again with soapy water. If there are still bubbles forming, do not use BBQ.
  • You will need to replace the hose and regulator or contact a licensed gasfitter
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